Healing From A Higher Power

We have this strange need or conditioning not to take responsibility for our happiness. We expect it to come from an outside source. It can happen, but it’s fleeting. True happiness must come from within. True happiness comes from a connection to our true being. The importance of surrender and trust is part of the essential process of growth and renewal. We can go within ourselves to dissolve old forms and morph, rebuilding and evolving ourselves. I was taught many things. Having more knowledge, I want more after healing my mind; now, it is the body and soul. As I worked on my body, seeing it transformed, my soul looked for something more significant than myself. The angel’s wings are my gift of protection and tranquility. With my wings, I can be free on the inside. The wings given from heaven prove that I can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful and be renewed. A transformation that will make you believe in the healing from a higher power beyond com